Laura Solo and in Ensembles


"MacKenzie maintains the magic"  - Sing Out!

MacKenzie Solo 
Purely that - MacKenzie's own "flying circus", unaccompanied, without a net. Performing on wooden flutes, various whistles, concertina, Scottish smallpipes, Swayne border pipes, Swayne border half-long pipes, French cornemuse, Medieval Greatpipes, Leicestershire smallpipes, gemshorn and voice. Concerts, workshops and programs.

Laura performs with the following ensembles:

Willow Brae 
Celtic Harp, Winds and Voice, with Andrea Stern (harp) and Laura MacKenzie. Offering concerts, school and community programs.

Dáithí Sproule & Laura MacKenzie 
Music of Ireland and Scotland, featuring master guitarist and singer Dáithí Sproule, with Laura MacKenzie on traditional winds and voice. Offering concerts and workshops.

Ross & MacKenzie 
Songs and Music of Scotland and Ireland, with Ross Sutter and Laura MacKenzie. Featuring two singers with guitar, bodhran, flutes, whistles, concertina, pipes - offering concerts and family programs.

A new 10-piece band performing traditional Scottish and Irish music featuring a fabulous 4-piece horn section, a terrific rhythm section, fine fiddles, flutes, pipes, vocals and step dance. Delightful and absolutely unique.


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