School and Community Programs

School and Community Programs


Laura MacKenzie's school and lyceum programs can be adapted for various age groups, and are well suited for lecture-performance series, special interest groups, libraries, community centers and festivals, as well as schools, elementary through college. School programs can be scheduled through COMPAS Global Arts or through Laura MacKenzie directly.

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The Magic of Celtic Music
"Celtic" can describe music from a number of areas, including Ireland and Scotland, regions of France, Northern Spain, Wales and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. "The Magic of Celtic Music" presents traditional music on a fascinating variety of wind-powered instruments, including a special collection of wooden flutes, tin whistles, concertina, an array of different bagpipes, gemshorn and voice. In a program intriguing to both youth and adults, students learn how air is transformed into music and what makes the airs, dance tunes, and songs "Celtic." 

Irish Music and Dance
The music of Ireland comes alive with the addition of an Irish step dancer from a Twin Cities Irish dance academy. Through history and lore, students gain insight into Irish culture, learn how the dance and music are combined, and discover the meaning of the dancer's traditional costuming (including why they are always changing shoes!). Jigs, reels, hornpipes and airs are demonstrated on a variety of instruments, voice and dancing feet.

Magical Musical Stories
Enchanting Celtic stories rich with expressive musical interludes. Presented solo, with Laura's collection of instruments, or with harpist Andrea Stern. For children, families and groups of all ages. Interactive options are offered for the wee folk (kids).

Music of the Lowlands of Scotland

A special opportunity to hear and learn about a rich, uncommon yet expressly Scottish musical heritage. Traditional songs, songs of Robert Burns, border dance tunes and airs are presented on Scottish Smallpipes, Border Pipes, Flutes, Whistles, Concertina and Voice. MacKenzie even sings while playing the smallpipes, a Lowland tradition.

A Piping Hot Buffet
An informative presentation on a variety of bellows-blown and mouth-blown bagpipes: Scottish Smallpipes, Border Half-Long bagpipes, Medieval Greatpipes, Leicester Smallpipes, Border Pipes and French Cornemuse.

  • "Your penny whistle tunes made eyes and mouths open wide. Being the day before our Easter break, the boys and girls were full of extra energy, but you seemed to charm them." — Belle Plaine Elementary School
  • "The sad songs made me feel like crying. It was so real and wonderful...The happy music made me feel like I was going to fly away." — Fourth grader, Halmstad Elementary School
  • "(A Halmstad Student) said she liked MacKenzie's flute playing so much that she plans to learn to play the instrument." — Chippewa Herald
  • "Your wonderful talent with the unusual wind instruments was informative and a special treat. It was a great break from the traditional 'speech'." — North Country Library Cooperative
  • "Our membership expressed great appreciation for your musical program and for the grace and humor you used to good advantage." — St. Paul AAUW | 651.398.5055 | design: | Copyright © 2015 Laura MacKenzie