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    The 10-piece Celtic big band's studio album. Combining tunes, songs & style (traditional & new) with dazzling modern horn lines, featuring fiddles, flutes, concertina, smallpipes, vocals, step dance, a top-notch rhythm section and a powerful 4-piece brass section in smart, joyous arrangements. New download includes a bonus live track.
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  • From Uig to Duluth 
    Scots Gaelic music and song, accompanied by Dáithí Sproule (guitar) and Andrea Stern (harp), with Laura on vocals, adding flutes, whistles, concertina and Scottish smallpipes to the arrangements. A unique collection of beautiful music, sourced mainly from field recordings, with a special connection to Scottish heritage in Minnesota.
  • The Pinery  
    Music of Ireland, Scotland and Minnesota on flutes, whistles, pipes, concertina, guitar and two voices, from master guitarist and singer Dáithí Sproule (of Altan) and Laura MacKenzie. "Some of the finest traditional music you'll hear" - Irish American News. 
    Download includes a bonus track.
  • The Master's Choice 
    Featuring well-loved button accordion player Martin McHugh (of Co. Roscommon and St. Paul, MN) with Laura MacKenzie (flute, whistle, concertina) and Dáithí Sproule (guitar). A wonderful collection of traditional Irish music - Martin has influenced and encouraged an entire generation of players in Minnesota.
  • Laura & The Lads 
    Laura & The Lads is a collection of upbeat music showcasing Laura's various pipes, flutes and whistles, rounded off by concertina and vocals. Laura is backed on this recording by the "Lads", featuring Brian Miller (guitar), Django Amerson (fiddle), Michael Bissonnette (percussion), Sean Egan (clarinet) and John Wright (bass). Lively artwork from famous illustrator and New Yorker cartoonist John O'Brien boosts the music's spirited message.
  • Willow Brae- Collected 
    Harpist Andrea Stern and wind player Laura MacKenzie present traditional Irish and Scottish music featuring Celtic harp, wooden flutes, pipes, whistle and voice. This album is a compilation selected from various projects, duo and solo.  "A rich spectrum of sound, from radiant to reflective."
  • Ye Banks and Braes - Songs and Music of Robert Burns 
    "Ye Banks and Braes" is an album of Scottish favorites from Ross Sutter and Laura MacKenzie. It features two voices with guitar, flutes, pipes, whistle, concertina and bodhran. Lovely harmonies and arrangements of songs and music associated with the works of the beloved Scots poet, Robert Burns.
  • Evidence - Songs, Airs and Waltzes 
    Evidence is a collection of songs, airs and waltzes from many different sources (Irish, Scots Gaelic, French, English, and from Dáithí Sproule, and Laura herself), all in a musical mood both calm and bright. The album features guest appearances from Dáithí Sproule (of Altan - guitar and vocals), Dean Magraw (guitar) and harpist Andrea Stern, as well as Brian Miller (guitar), Sean Egan (clarinet), Dick Rees (accordions) and John Wright (bass).
  • Piper's Crow 
    A Celtic band steeped in tradition yet daringly original, Piper's Crow presents top-notch instrumental and vocal prowess and an array of instruments including flutes, bagpipes, fiddle, guitar, and autoharp....... "A quartet of dazzling virtuosos"- City Pages
  • Heigh Ho, The Green Holly 
    A compilation of Christmas classics (selected from "Celtic Holiday" and "Yuletide Bagpipes"), lovely carol melodies arranged with traditional Irish and Scottish music for an array of instruments, including wooden flutes, pipes, whistles, concertina, fiddle and harp plus horns and percussion. "A refreshing wintry blast".
  • Celtic Holiday 
    A Celtic Christmas collection of timeless classics arranged for an array of traditional instruments, including flutes, pipes, harp, fiddle, guitar and percussion. Great arrangements, from joyous to contemplative.
  • Yuletide Bagpipes 
    Traditional Christmas and Yuletide favorites, arranged with Celtic music for a variety of bagpipes, with flutes, fiddle, concertina, harp, guitar and piano, plus horns and bass. Unique and varied arrangements. (Laura's Favorite!)
  • The Bear Dance (download only)
    The rare and absolutely delightful recorded repertoire of the pan-celtic trio Macha Trí, featuring Mag McDermott, Laura MacKenzie and Patrice Pakiz, with guest Marc Anderson (percussion). This historic album is once again available - as a download only! Richly recorded in analog mode. Co-produced with Dáithí Sproule.
  • Up the Raw (download only)
    Another historic album - recorded by Walking on Air in Minneapolis/St. Paul in 1986. Digitally mastered in 2019. Timeless music and arrangements from this well-loved folk and traditional music ensemble.